I think I have the flu. Although part of me thinks I have something terrible like Meningococcal disease. It is when I'm sick when I wish the most I was not single. I worry about getting so sick that I will die in my flat and they will find me days later after a certain smell spreads through the building. I guess I should get to know my neighbours and leave the windows open. I woke up with a fever and chills. I've taken every pill in the house but the fever is still there. 38 degrees. I cannot recall normal body temperature but I reckon is around 36 degrees. Damm C and F temperature scales.

So I am home in bed alone and on Australia Day, a national holiday! I was scheduled to have a picnic today and to go to the museum. The only thing I'm doing is researching meningococcal and worrying and looking for any "rashes." It is at these times I wished I was dating a doctor. Someone who would cuddle me to sleep, make me chicken soup and take my temperature or at least reasure me that I was not dying!!!

So these drugs are making me drowsy so I should lie down. I hope to write again!